About Us

Why does it have to be so hard?
Our story started at a small crêperie near Hamburg’s Hafencity, when Gabrielle and Britt, who, like many expats, were introduced over Facebook by a mutual acquaintance, met for the first time. Over the course of lunch, we shared stories of culture-shock, discoveries, homesickness, and frustration... mostly that there wasn’t a better support system for expats like us.
“Just make it make sense.”
The only web product designed for the people relocating
Fast-forward through five years of collecting experience, deep-diving into research, and supporting friends through their own visa applications... we decided that the best people to solve this problem were the ones who’d experienced it first-hand. Our solution focused on one main goal: to cut through the red tape and make the experience abroad as fun and fulfilling as possible.
This is Worldify.

Our pledge to inclusivity

As we started to sketch out this tool, we kept running into the problem of what to call our users. Expats? Immigrants? Migrants? How could we be as inclusive as possible, without falling into the traps of racism and classism that are commonly associated with the existing words?
By purposing a new one. Everyone who uses Worldify goes under the term:
a word we found simple and straightforward—to define one who is relocating their life from one place to another.
If you’re curious to learn more about our sensitivities about the naming, here are some articles we liked.
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Our Founders

Portrait Britt Posey - Co-Founder of Worldify

Britt Posey-Thomas

🇺🇸 / 🇭🇺 / 🇩🇪
Britt is originally from the “Heartland” of the United States and grew up in Fargo, North Dakota. She lived in Phoenix, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California, before moving to Hamburg in 2015. Britt currently lives in Munich with her husband (German) and their 13-year old dog (also an expat, from Romania). 
Portrait Gabrielle Soria - Co-Founder of Worldify

Gabrielle Soria

🇺🇸 / 🇳🇱 / 🇹🇭 / 🇩🇪
Gabrielle is a born and bred California girl who traded the state’s signature sunshine for Hamburg, Germany back in 2016. After spending a few years in the Perle of Germany, she relocated to Berlin, which she enjoys exploring and writing for her travel blog, Up and Gone. Other stops on her  journey abroad include Thailand and the Netherlands.