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How it works

Check out our guides
Guides are mapped out along a flow, so you always know what’s coming up next.
Use a tool
Intuitive tools help you make sense of the information for your personal situation.
Talk to a human
Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. Let us connect you to experts on whatever topic you need.
We make living abroad easy.
Get the tools you need to be self-sufficient in your new country — and enjoy doing it.
Easy to get your visa.
We break down visa and residence title processes, autofill German forms, review and package your documents for submission, and more.
Easy to get settled.
We guide you through starting your life in Germany - from securing housing to setting up your bank account to deciding on insurance(s), mobile phone plans, and more.
Easy to stay long term.
Been here a while? We support you through your years abroad - from moving to a new city, changing jobs, investing, getting married, retiring, and everything in between. 
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